Carbine X Restricted Key System

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Precision Engineering for Enhanced Security

The Carbine Sigma X system represents the forefront of restricted keying technology. Engineered with a unique multi-broach design, it offers an unparalleled range of over 1,024 change profiles. This system is not just about complex configurations; it's about providing adaptable, reliable security solutions.
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Design registration protected until 2030, with later profile releases extending system life even further
Standard inline system, requires no additional parts or complex assembly
Easy to master key & manage
Multi-broach system
Large range of cylinders

Carbine Sigma X - The Innovative Restricted Keying System

Traditional restricted keying systems often encounter limitations, such as insufficient code capacities. Carbine Sigma X, developed in consultation with leading Australian locksmiths, addresses these issues with its innovative design. It expands the possibilities of keying systems, ensuring that users are no longer constrained by the limitations of traditional models.
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High Precision Manufacturing Standards

Keyline, a leader in key production, manufactures the Sigma X key blanks and barrels. These components are designed for durability and ease of use, featuring a robust base and a precision-cut top. Utilising advanced CNC machinery, every aspect of the Sigma X is crafted to meet stringent quality control standards, ensuring reliable performance.
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RLD Locksmiths: Your Carbine Sigma X Expert

RLD Locksmiths specialises in the supply and installation of the Carbine Sigma X system. Our team's expertise is backed by positive customer experiences, demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality security solutions.
Enhanced Security Features

The Sigma X system is designed to be highly resistant to lock-picking attempts, thanks to its complex key broach design. Additionally, its design-registered keyway adds another layer of security, with legal protections in place under Australian and New Zealand law to prevent unauthorised key duplication.

Commitment to Quality

The development of Sigma X involves leading Australian lock manufacturing professionals, ensuring each component reflects high standards of quality and reliability. This commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the system, providing users with confidence in their security arrangements.

Flexibility & Customisation

Sigma X offers the option of coloured plastic key inserts, allowing for easy identification and organisation of keys. These inserts not only aid in key management but also add a personalised touch to the system.

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